The Giant Dwarf Agency represents some of Australia's top talent in broadcast entertainment. If you're interested in booking one of the personalities we represent for your next event or production, please click on their image below or send us a message with the details of your project.
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Andrew Hansen
Andrew Hansen is a comedian, actor and musician, best known as a member of Australian comedy group The Chaser.
Julian Morrow
Julian Morrow has made a career of public nuisance in various forms, co-founding The Chaser and Giant Dwarf, as well as making TV shows you may have heard of.
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor is a writer, performer and broadcaster who's best known as a member of The Chaser team and for his TV series Plonk.
Dominic Knight
Dominic Knight was one of the founders of The Chaser. He’s worked on the team’s various projects in print, stage, radio, television and online.
Chas Licciardello
Satirist turned serious Chas Licciardello is a broadcaster and presenter, best known as a member of the Chaser team, and as host of popular current affairs show Planet America.
Craig Reucassel
Craig Reucassel is an Australian writer and comedian who is best known for his work with The Chaser.