Founded in 2006, Giant Dwarf is an entertainment and production company that has produced over 15 TV series, as well as operating the popular Giant Dwarf theatre in Sydney between 2014 and 2021.

Taking its name from the pseudonym of famed TV producer and mentor Andrew Denton, the Giant Dwarf production company was founded by the team behind The Chaser newspaper during their expansion into TV, eventually growing into one of Australia’s most creative and unique production houses.

Titles produced by Giant Dwarf include:

The Chaser’s War On Everything (ABC TV)
The Letdown (ABC/Netflix)
The Chaser’s Media Circus (ABC TV)
The Hamster Wheel (ABC TV)
The Checkout (ABC TV)
The Hamster Decides (ABC TV)
The Unbelievable Truth (Network Seven)
Lawrence Leung’s Unbelievable (ABC TV)
Growing Up Gracefully (ABC)
Sheilas (Screen Australia)
Be Your Own Boss (Fresh Blood)

Giant Dwarf Theatre
Taking its name from the team’s TV production company, Giant Dwarf House was a comedy theatre located on Cleveland St, Redfern which ran between 2014 and 2021.

Giant Dwarf hosted a series of regular curated live events, showcasing a wide range of Sydney’s most amazingly talented writers, comedians and performers, and acted as a home for Sydney’s Improv school ITS, as well as a production space for various video productions, including ABC’s Story Club and Tim Minchin’s ‘15 Minutes of Fame‘.

Live events
Giant Dwarf has produced a number of long running live events, including the Sydney calendar staple ‘Story Club‘, the annual Chaser Lecture, Julian Morrow’s Photo Opp series, and the Bear Pack’s long-running improv tours.


The Giant Dwarf studio is a highly flexible small scale soundstage located in Redfern, in Sydney’s Inner West.

Designed to accommodate the daily set changes of ABC TV’s The Checkout, the studio comes with a range of set-dressings, including removable green screen walls as well as an attached dressing/laundry room to make any costumed production a breeze.

Located on the ground floor of Giant Dwarf’s production office, we are able to offer a range of additional services to assist with your production, including set construction, studio assistants, art direction, equipment operation, editing, and more. To get a quote for studio hire including these services, be sure to contact us directly and we’ll be able to discuss the specifics of your project’s requirements.

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