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Getting here
Location FAQ
Where is GiantDwarf theatre and how do I get to it?
We are located at 199 Cleveland Street in Redfern, but the entrance isn't exactly the easiest to spot. At first you'll need to look for our red mailbox and from there you'll see a narrow walkway between our neighboring buildings that will lead you to our entrance. If you look up you'll see a silver sign lit up that has our logo and name on it above our doorway. That's us! (Don't be deceived by the steps out the front of the office block next to us. That's not us.)
Does the theatre have disabled access?
The Giant Dwarf theatre can be accessed by wheelchairs, but unfortunately our bathrooms are not currently wheelchair accessible.
Tickets & Seating
Ticketing FAQ
I registered online for the event but didn't get any tickets?
If you can't find any tickets in your email inbox, try having a look in your spam folder. If you still can't find your tickets, don't stress. If you've got a confirmation, paypal statement or bank statement verifying your purchase, you can simply provide your name at the door staff when you attend the event and we will check you off our attendance list.
Do I need to print my ticket?
Giant Dwarf doesn't require audience members to provide physical tickets, so you can save the hassle and the trees! If you've purchased a ticket we will have your name ready to be checked off at the door when you arrive.
Can I buy tickets at the door?
You can purchase tickets at door, but only subject to availability - so if you think an event might sell out we wouldn't recommend you risk it.
Is there allocated seating?
Unless the event description and/or registration email specifies otherwise, event seating will be allocated on a first-in first-choice basis from the time that doors open for the event.
Do you offer concession tickets?
Concession tickets are available for some events with a full-time Australian student card, or Centrelink Pensioner concession cards. Proof of concession cards must be presented upon arrival at the theatre, or full admission will need to be paid as a condition of entry.
My plans have changed, can I get a refund?
Due to the large number of customers cancelling bookings before events, combined with the time and cost involved with processing these refunds, we are no longer able to offer refunds on bookings unless the time or location of an event has significantly changed.

If an event is playing across multiple nights it may be possible to transfer your booking to another time or day, however any transfers will be dependant on the number of remaining tickets and will be at the discretion of event producers.

Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page if you would like to request a transfer of dates or times.
The event says sold out. Are there still tickets available?
Do you accept Companion Card?
Generally yes, though we ask that guests with a companion card to contact the venue ahead of the event using the form at the bottom of the page to organise their seating with staff.
Transport & Parking
Transport & Parking FAQ
Is there parking at the theatre?
Street parking is the go around here, as we don't have any parking. If you'd like to avoid the hunt for a bay, public transport is a good choice as both Central and Redfern train stations are within a 10 minute walk of the theatre.
What is the closest public transport to the theatre?
Both Central and Redfern train stations are within a 10 minute walk of the theatre.
Food and Drink
Food and Drink FAQ
Do you have a bar?
We sure do! Two bars, in fact!
Do you sell food?
We sell a small selection of food such as nuts and gourmet pies.
Are there some good food spots close by?
Yes there are!

Eathouse diner on Chalmers Street is just a five minute walk from the theatre and offers delicious Southern US style food with a retro themed diner.

You can also visit Cleveland St. for great Lebanese, and on Redfern St there's Thai and also a mix of good pubs like the Lord Gladstone, and restaurants like Redfern Continental.
Venue Hire
Venue FAQ
I would like enquire about hiring the venue
Please check out for all booking details
Talent FAQ
I would like to enquire about talent
Please head to for all the talent we look after
Membership FAQ
How do I become a member?
You can sign up as a member on this page by clicking the "become a supporter" button.

See our membership information page for full details.
How much do memberships cost?
Memberships are $5 per month, or $55 per year if you pay upfront.

See our membership information page for full details.
What's the benefit of becoming a member?
By becoming a supporter of the theatre you're helping keep Sydney a creative and vibrant city. In return for their support, members are gifted a free drink at the GiantDwarf bar upon signing up. Members also gain access to a series of discounted events, including StoryClub, Nailed It, Dragon Friends, Queerstories and more.

See our membership information page for full details.
Why are some events not discounted?
We're constantly seeking to expand our member benefits, however some events are not produced in-house, or are run at no profit, meaning we are not able to offer price reductions. Events during festivals and special events that would normally discounted may also be billed at full price due to pricing agreements with organisers.

See our membership information page for full details.
I forgot my membership login details!
Please visit this page to reset your password. You will need access to the email address you signed up with.
Other questions
See our membership information page for more details.
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