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Giant Dwarf Theatre was founded in 2014 to provide a much needed incubation space for comedy and storytelling performers to present shows to a large audience without the financial risk that comes with many larger venues.

Despite having grants and support for artist programmes, equipment and venue upgrades, we still need to pay the rent.

After an upheaval into a new venue, the Morrison government and a global pandemic, we're in as great a need as ever or will be forced to close our doors (for good).

So we're asking the public and performers who have enjoyed the space to pledge donations, big or small, to help us keep doing what we’re doing, and get a cheeky tax break while they're at it!

Here's how it works:

We've started a not-for-profit charity called Giant Losses Limited (ABN 71-617-860-465 CFN/24774).

Giant Losses Limited has deductible gift recipient status with the ATO.

You can make donations from as little as $10 to Giant Losses Limited using the form below.

Donate Now

Success Stories
Giant Dwarf has supported many emerging creatives that have gone on to great things


A story night for the LGBT+ community co-produced by Maeve Marsden and Giant Dwarf, Queerstories is both one of our longest running and most successful projects. Providing a warm and familiar space for Sydney's queer community to congregate once a month, QueerStories allows gay, lesbian, trans and other people of diverse gender and sexualities to share the stories that bring them together as a community. The monthly shows now regularly sell out weeks in advance, and the format has grown beyond the theatre, with creator Maeve now also touring the show in cities across Australia.

The Bear Pack

Finding a medium sized space for the Bear Pack in Sydney is one of reasons Giant Dwarf considered opening a theatre in the first place. Since our early days the Bear Pack has been a staple of our theatre's lineups, with performers Steen Raskopoulos and Carlo Richie performing their live improvised stage shows to regularly sold out crowds. Since those early days, the Bear Pack has gone on to perform a sold out season at the Edinburgh Fringe, as well as a 1200 seat charity show at the Enmore Theatre.

Improv Theatre Sydney

Improv Theatre Sydney has run teaching workshops and improv jams out of the Giant Dwarf theatre since its inception, as well as using the space as a rehersal room outside regular bookings. This year, we were very proud to see ITS successfully fundraise to open their own fully independent improv studio just down the road from Giant Dwarf.

How can I help?
There's a bunch of ways you can support the theatre.
  • Become a member

    For just $5 a month you can become a member of the theatre. On top of helping grow the space, by becoming a member you will gain access to discounts on select shows, as well as a free drink at the bar at the next event you attend.

  • Round up your ticket

    Guests are given the option to round up the price of their tickets to the nearest $10, when shopping on our website. This money will go directly to funding our milestone improvements at the theatre, so every little bit helps.

  • Make a donation

    You can donate directly to Giant Losses Limited, by making a donation below. Giant Losses Limited has deductible gift recipient status with the ATO, and is a registered charity with the ACNC.

You will be emailed a receipt to your nominated email address.

Want to make a larger donation? Contact us at for bank details.
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