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The Dragon Friends have wandered towns, dungeons, cities, the future and even the Nine Known Worlds in search of adventure, but it’s time to come home. Before we kick off the latest inadvisable season however, we’re gonna play around with a few one-shots. Please bear with us, it’s gonna be dumb.

February: The End of the World RPG (DM: Dungeon Dave)
March: TBA
April: Season 5 premiere

DRAGON FRIENDS is a live comedy show where a bunch of maniacs muddle their way through a Dungeons & Dragons campaign for their idiot podcast. We’ve been doing it for almost three years now and you think we’d be better at it. Featuring David Harmon, Ben Jenkins, Edan Lacey, Simon Greiner, Alex Lee, Michael Hing and an assortment of our friends from comedy and the telly.

Listen to the podcast and find out more at

Courtyard bar opens at 6.30pm for a 7:30pm start. Pop in before the show for a drink and a mingle!

Giant Dwarf is a licensed venue. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


  • Mar 12: Dragon Friends
    12 March 2019
    7:30 pm - 9:30 pm



199 Cleveland Street, Redfern, Sydney, 2016, Australia

Dragon Friends 2019
Mar 12: Standard $20.00
Mar 12: Concession $15.00
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