Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd: Parallel Univers-ity


They said we could be anything. They never said we could be EVERYTHING.
Well at Parallel Univers-ity you CAN. Sure, in this universe you haven’t washed your socks yet, but don’t worry, all untapped potential is fully utilised in another parallel universe! In our one-hour course you’ll meet the versions of Wyatt that made different (better) decisions! Marvel at the alternate worlds where he went to Harvard or Hawaii or even SPACE! If you’re lucky, catch a glimpse of yourself in your own alternate reality!

Combining sketch, song and storytelling, Parallel Univers-ity is a night out of this world, and this is the only universe to see it! (No HECs allowed due to multiverse fraud)

“Gales of laughter, massive servings of high-energy charisma –★★★★” PerthCulture
“Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd has a grin like Luna Park and all the boofy enthusiasm of a labrador that’s drunk a bowl of red cordial.” West Australian
“Just the right amount of self-assuredness, self-doubt and sheer madness” OutInPerth
“Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd’s silliness is infectious, and his characters…a show highlight.”- www.watchoutfor.com.au


Doors at 8:30pm for a 9pm start.


Giant Dwarf is a licensed venue. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.





  • Parallel Univers-ity
    20 September 2017
    9:00 pm - 10:00 pm



199 Cleveland Street, Redfern, Sydney, 2016, Australia