ROSIE WATERLAND: Mum Says My Memoir Is A Lie


You’ve laughed, cried and screamed in frustration as they argued on the number one podcast. Now Mum Says My Memoir Is A Lie – The Live Event brings Rosie Waterland and Mama Lisa to you.

In 2015 Rosie wrote The Anti-Cool Girl. A book about her childhood with mentally ill, alcoholic, drug-addicted parents. There were foster homes, AA, overdoses. Adult Rosie then navigated her way through eating disorders, Bachelor recaps and awkward Tinder dates. Then she had an epiphany: to embrace her true self – a girl who loves drinking wine in her underpants – and become an Anti-Cool Girl.

It seemed everyone in the country read the critically acclaimed bestseller… except Rosie’s mother, too lost in alcoholism to even think about it. Then, she unexpectedly got sober… and she finally read the book. And Mama Lisa has lots of thoughts. The first of which is that most of Rosie’s memoir is a straight-up lie.

Rosie and Mama Lisa will go over highlights from the podcast and talk about them in detail. There will be photos and videos from the past. They’ll also give YOU the chance to ask them all the questions you’ve been dying to ask.

Join Rosie and Mama Lisa for a hilarious, if brutally honest conversation in which they share (very different) memories. But above all, there’ll be lots and lots of laughs.


“constant laughter, squirming and a rush of emotion… an inspiring show and very enjoyable to be a part of” – City Hub

“general hilarity and honest insights dragged out Brisbane to Rosie’s back to back shows on a week night… worth making the effort to actually leave the house”- The Creative Issue

“utterly poignant and touching…Rosie is undoubtedly a great storyteller” – Scenestr


  • May 12 : Rosie Waterland
    12 May 2018
    5:00 pm - 6:30 pm



199 Cleveland Street, Redfern, Sydney, 2016, Australia