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Welcome to Stories and Songs of the People Australia, a community group lead by Indigenous Elders in Australia and North America. We invite you to share in an extraordinary opportunity to contribute to the healing of relationships with ourselves, each other and the Earth. How we do things is as important, if not more so, as what we do. How do we set about addressing today’s seemingly overwhelming cultural, social and climate injustices? What can we, as common people, do to make a difference in our relationships with each other and with our environment?


Join us and hear First Nations Voices including key people from Oceti Sakowin Camp, Standing Rock about Protecting the Sacred – the air, the water and our future generations.


10am to 4pm – Experiential Day/Showing of Film ‘Awake’ from Standing Rock

Our visiting Native American guests include, Myron Dewey the Director of ‘Awake – A Dream from Standing Rock’ and Johnnie A., who served as the Wellbeing Initiative and Interfaith Co-ordinator at Oceti Sakowin Camp, Standing Rock, North Dakota. Myron brings film and Johnnie brings ethereal acoustic guitar, flute and storytelling.

The day will begin at 10am with experiential practices and processes to facilitate creative collaboration and balance causes of the ecological and spiritual crises we face together. There will be a showing of the film ‘Awake’ by the Director and Camp Well-Being Coordinator from Standing Rock as well as an open discussion. There is no charge for the experiential day and we do not call this a workshop or training as it is a sharing of cultural experiences. . This day involves cultural and educational exchanges for our collective understanding of what it means to be a ‘human being’.


6pm to 9pm – Performance Evening

The performance evening with stories, songs and film will commence at 6pm and the cost is $35, with all funds raised through tickets and donations going toward travel and needs for our visiting relatives, supporting others to attend, paying for venues, and contributing to an intercultural exchange for young Indigenous people.

You will make a difference and your help matters! Join us for an exchange of experiences, cultural knowledge and practice. When you support these events you make it possible for all of us to begin the long journey to both recognising and beginning the transformation needed to heal ourselves and our planet.


We are grateful to our collaborative partners the Centre for Ecological Learning, Bellingen and Giant Dwarf Sydney.

You’re Help is needed – all offering of skills and financial support to these events is greatly appreciated as it is essential! Events are taking place in Bellingen, 14th and 15th February, Mullumbimby 21st & 22nd February, Sydney 29th of Feb and Melbourne 5th and 6th March.

Contact us at – or see our Facebook page at the Centre for Ecological Learning.

For the evening performance part of the day, the courtyard bar will open at 5:00pm for a 6:00pm start. Pop in before the show for a drink and a mingle!

Giant Dwarf is a licensed venue. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


  • SSotP - Performance (& Experiential Day)
    29 February 2020
    10:00 am - 9:00 pm



199 Cleveland Street, Redfern, Sydney, 2016, Australia

Stories and Songs of the People
SSotP - Performance - Includes Experiential Day $35.00


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