The Double Disillusionists

This year, things are different. Malcolm Turnbull’s an insult comic, Pauline Hanson’s being taken seriously, Cory Bernardi isn’t (okay, that’s not so different), and Bill Shorten is on course to finally win an election without doing the numbers beforehand.

And then there’s Donald Trump. Our own politicians don’t know whether they want to be him, be with him, or shout at him down the phone.

How on earth did we get here, and where’s the exit? Co-hosts Andrew P Street (Fairfax columnist and author) and Dom Knight (The Chaser, ABC Radio) have a few ideas. Their brilliant guests – commentators, comedians and political insiders – have better ones. Join them each month for the political chat/comedy show that’s like Q&A without any attempt at balance or objectivity – but with swearing.

This event will be recorded as an episode of Dom and Andrew’s weekly podcast, which may also be found here.

Upcoming shows:

Tuesday 4 April – The Plebiscite On The Hill

Friends, the same-sex marriage plebiscite is back on the agenda again! It’s just so urgent that the nation be asked whether an obvious inequality can be reversed – without binding the government in any way, of course – but the Senate squashed the last attempt. So Peter Dutton and his pals have a brilliant plan to make the national opinion poll go postal.

We have an even better one – to save all that time and money, we want to hold a plebiscite of our own in one 100% representative comedy theatre in Redfern.

So join us on Tuesday 4 April to vote on such vital questions as:
• Should there be a law allowing us to harass and intimidate those who want to change 18C?
• Can we make coal clean by washing it in the Snowy Mountains Scheme?
• What’s more destructive, Cyclone Debbie or Mark Latham?

And of course
• Are plebiscites a dumb way to make public policy, or a very dumb way?

So join us to exercise your right to vote in a totally non-binding manner! And let’s make Australia great again like it never was before!

Andrew P Street and Dom Knight are hosting, as ever, with guests Chris Taylor from The Chaser and Jacqueline Maley from the Sydney Morning Herald.

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  • The Double Disillusionists: April
    4 April 2017
    7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


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