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Giant Dwarf and YACK present

The Norton Lodge family recently found themselves speeding in reverse down a one way street in a cemetery as a hearse bearing their loved one hurtled towards them. That’s just how they roll.

For over a decade, Zoë Norton Lodge has been sharing true stories from the ridiculous suitcase of her life through Story Club. And the inspiration from her main muse, her family, keeps getting better. Reduxing her 2016 Sydney Opera House show, Story Club: Solo features stories about Zoë’s Yia Yia who hates everybody, Phyllis the cleaner who finds vibrators and fixes dishwashers with holy water, Donna who can fly and Georgia who Zoë tried to kill.

Zoë’s stories will be accompanied by live music from the ridiculously talented Emily Irvine and Alyx Dennison.


“There’s a kind of cultivated lunacy in her writing that artfully makes the most of the ridiculous, striking a clever balance between the familiar and the loopy…a very funny compendium of personal tales delivered in a voice that impresses with its sincere originality.”– Sydney Morning Herald

“Norton Lodge has made me laugh until I had tears streaming down my face…This book proves that while Norton Lodge is a brilliant, animated performer, she’s just as funny on the page.” – Readings Monthly

Courtyard bar opens at 6pm for a 7pm start. Grab a drink and mingle before the show!

Giant Dwarf is a licensed venue. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


  • 25 Oct: Zoe Norton Lodge - Story Club Solo
    25 October 2018
    7:00 pm - 8:00 pm



199 Cleveland Street, Redfern, Sydney, 2016, Australia


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